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In House Financing

Why use a Car Dealership that Offers In-House Financing instead of BHBP?

The reasons are simple:

  • Much better rates
  • Convenient payment process
  • You are dealing straight with the lender

Fiesta Motors is one of only a few MD in-house finance car lots that offer their own financing directly to the buyer. Many people have suffered financial setbacks from either loss of employment, health-related issues, bankruptcy, foreclosure, or a variety of other personal reasons during this severe recession. Other individuals have never borrowed to establish a credit history. All these conditions can lead to refusal from traditional lenders like banks, credit unions or even auto finance companies.

Our Payment Process

You pay weekly, bi-weekly or monthly with direct deposits. There is no need to come to the dealership to make a payment (however, you can if you need to).

How does Fiesta Motors In-House Finance Program Work?

Our basic requirements are:

  • You must live in one of the following states: MD, VA, DC, PA or WV.
  • You must be working full time or have steady verifiable income.
  • You must hold a current driver's license.
  • You must maintain an automobile insurance policy with $500 deductible.
  • You need a down payment, usually $800 - $2000 depending on the vehicle.
  • You pay by PayPal, electronic funds transfer, direct deposit to our bank account or at the dealership.
  • Length of loans is typically two years.
  • We accept trade-ins.
Easy Credit Application

If you have the first four basic requirements, then complete our Easy Credit Application. Based on your credit profile, we are then able to quote you the down payment percentage. Click here for our pre-screen credit application.